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Circuit Breaker for the Tiller

The tiller wheel itself needs to be motorized in order to transport the snow through the AlpinFlex tiller. Pistenking is selling a suitable motor installation set.

The tiller wheel can easily freeze and block, especially when it is switched off and the melting water around the warm motor freezes. Best is therefor to never switch it off. But still freezing or blocking through ice pieces or too much snow may happen. While operating the snow cat, especially at night, one will often not realize that the wheel is blocked. A blocked wheel can lead to a burned and destroyed motor. Therefore it should be protected with a fuse or circuit breaker.

We are using a PTC circuit breaker with 0.25 A: it will heat up by the blockage current and break the circuit after a short while. After it has cooled down, which can take 20 minutes, it will close the circuit again. It is simply soldered in one of the two wires. This fuse has the advantage that it does not need to be exchanged like regular melting fuses.

It is available at Conrad, article number 524787-62 ESKA PTC-Sicherung 60 V 0,25 A

Installiertes PTC

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