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Simulation of Hydraulics

Pistenking Hydromaster

Most modelers are using a servo for raising and lowering of the snow blade. Electronic modules are available on the market to allow a simulation of hydraulics: the blade will not move in the control stick's center position, and move slower or faster in the desired direction according to the stick movement. If the stick is quickly returned to center, the blade will remain in its last position just like with a real hydraulic system.

Pistenking offers it's Hydromaster exactly for this purpose. It allows to drive 2 separate servos. Furthermore the neutral position of each servo can be saved by pressing a button, which is automatically approached after switching on the receiver. The end points for each servo can also be saved individually. The Hydromaster is simply installed between receiver and servo.

Pistenking Hydromaster

Servonaut TRIM Module

The company Tematik (Germany) offers the Servonaut TRIM Module for that purpose. But the programming card Servonaut CARD has to be bought in addition to set-up the TRIM module. We acquired both parts shortly after they were available and tested them. The programming was done without problems, and the function meets the expectations.

The company CTI is offering since quite some time the significantly cheaper ServoSteller Weg-Tip-Delay for this purpose. But this module was not useable for us, because it only allows the reduction of travel for both directions together. In our case a complicated new adjustment of the rods would have been necessary.

It makes sense to put the raising/lowering function of the blade on one of the two main control sticks, which in most cases is centered by springs. Most transmitters allow to remove or de-activate this spring. Then the blade position matches exactly the stick position. If one does not want to remove the spring, then one of these two modules is a real alternative, and it also gives you the feeling of having hydraulics.

Servonaut TRIM and Servonaut CARD

Programming the Servonaut TRIM directly on the snow cat

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