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Walser Pistenraupenmodellbau (Walser RC snow cat modeling) are modelers from Kleinwalsertal in Austria, who are all bitten by the snow cat bug. By the way, it was here where arguably the worldwide first RC snow cat, a PB39.145D, was built by Albert in the mid 1970s. Of course this model is also represented on this web site.

Kleinwalsertal is one of the top Austrian tourism destinations. The winters are long with plenty of snow. Almost all types of snow cats can be seen in the local ski areas. This makes it easy for us to study the originals. And it also gives us motivation especially in winter, when the machines are grooming the slopes.

We build as far as possible true scale models of snow cats, which are of course operative and fully usable in the snow. These models and a few other things are presented on this web page.

Our home town Riezlern with the distinctive mountain Hoher Ifen in Kleinwalsertal, Austria

Snow cats at the ski area Ifen, Kleinwalsertal

Why this webpage?

This webpage has no commercial purpose, so why this effort? 

On one hand we want to share some of our experience with all snow cat modelers and motivate them to build their own model. On the other hand we like to proudly present our models just as every model builder. ;-)

When Albert began with his first snow cat mid of the seventies he was completely by himself. The result was disappointing and the snow cat collected dust in a corner. A major motivator to pick up the hobby again in 2005 was the webpage of Juergen Pellengahr which not only presented originals, but also really impressive self built models. So contacts to other snow cat modelers could be established and friendships were made. A further boost for expanding the hobby and to exchange ideas was the Pistenraupenforum (snow cat forum) which was established by Andi “Pistenking” Rieger. And of course the kits he’s offering. 

By looking at the models we present on our page you will see how we improved over the years. This learning process was only possible in exchange with similar minded modelers. We are pushing each other and thus the models are getting more sophisticated and closer to the original. That’s why we created this page, it should motivate and hopefully offer help for one problem or another. 

Have fun building model snow cats!

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