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Walser Snow Cat Models

We build true scale models of snow cats, which are of course operative and fully usable in the snow. These models and a few other things are presented on this web page.

Walser Pistenraupenmodellbau = Walser Snow Cat Models

An usually quite extensive building story exists for each model with lots of pictures, which should motivate to built it yourself. 

At Know How we present many tips which may be useful for any snow cat model. 

At Literature you’ll find all our publications in German modeling magazines, although in German language. 

At Videos our video clips can be watched directly, which are also available on our Youtube channel.

On Instagram and our Facebook page we post latest news from us and from the scene. 

Radio Controlled Models

PB 400 ParkPro 4F 1:12

PistenBully 600 Polar 1:12

PB 400 ParkPro 4F Winch 1:12

PistenBully 600 Polar 1:12

PistenBully 100 ParkPro  1:12

PistenBully 400 1:12

PistenBully 600 W Polar 1:12

PistenBully 400 W 1:32

PistenBully 145D 1:8

Special Models

Double Snowblower 1:12

Double Snowblower 1:32




Die Cast Models

Know How

Building Tracks

Motor Selection


Radio Control

Graupner PistenBully

Simulating Hydraulics

Lifting the Blade

Tiller Motor Circuit Breaker

Pistenking Tiller Details

Fire extinguisher + foot rest for PB400, PB600

Low Rotating Beacon

Combination Lights

PistenBully 800 SIMPLY RED 1:12

PB 400 W ParkPro RUN RED 1:12

Ratrac 265 W 1:12

About glues we use

Acclimatizing before use

Hydraulic connectors front (dummies)

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