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Fire Extinguisher for PistenBully

At most PistenBully are fire extinguisher of the company Gloria installed at the passenger’s feet area. For the PB600 and PB400 it can be created with 3D printed parts by AT modellbau. The fire extinguisher is available for scales 1:12 and 1:8.

The printed part could be ordered at the AT modellbau Shop on Shapeways.

Shapeways went bankrupt in July 2024. Therefore the printed parts are currently not available, until I find an alternative. 

 With fine detail plastic not much sanding is necessary. But the material is rather brittle and not UV resistant, it should therefore be primed with opaque silver paint. Multi jet fusion plastic is quite robust, but needs to be primed with filler and sanded. 

To save costs the three parts are combined and need to be separated into fire extinguisher, foot rest and bending aid for the mounting bracket (see picture below). 

The mounting bracket is bent in 1:12 from 0.8 mm (in 1:8 from 1.2 mm) aluminum wire with the bending aid, see pictures below. To fix it drill 0.8 mm (or 1.2 mm) holes into the side of the foot rest. Of course, you can also do without the bracket. 

After ordering the printed parts please send an email to info@at-modellbau.com with your Shapeways-ID and shipping address for the decal. Two decals (one spare) will be sent by mail without additional costs. 

Cut the decal close to the printed area (see picture below) and put it into a water bath for a maximum of 15 seconds, then let it soak a bit outside of the water bath. Then move it carefully with a brush onto the fire extinguisher and position it: move it directly from the light blue paper to the fire extinguisher, do NOT remove it from the paper and attach it freely! This can cause wrinkles, the decal can curl up or warp.  

The painted surface of the fire extinguisher must be smooth and shiny, otherwise bubbles can form underneath the decal, which will cause ugly silvering after drying. The decal should dry for a minimum of 24 h. Afterwards it may be painted with clear acrylic paint for protection.  

A suitable cut piece of black sandpaper (grain size 360 - 600) is glued to the foot rest. The fire extinguisher is glued to the foot rest as shown in the picture, and the whole assembly is glued to the passenger foot area, see large picture above. 

Separate the printed part along the red lines

Bending of the mounting bracket

Bending of the mounting bracket

Bending of the mounting bracket

Drilling of the holes for the mounting bracket

The decal has to be cut close to the image

Painted and assembled fire extinguisher

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