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by Albert Tuertscher

After making a lot of videos we wanted to film also out of the drivers view, like Klaus Bergdolt did already in scale 1:8. But he has doors, which can be opened and more space in the driver compartment. This was not so easy with the one piece PB600 body.

As often the right idea came over night: the body is only visible from inside, and therefore it needs not to be the same as the one which is usually seen on the model: the "CameraBully" was born.

As manufacturer one clearly has an advantage, a scrap body was quickly found and used for the CameraBully.

The platform features mounting points for the well known GoPro Hero camera, which is ideal for such videos with its wide angle lens.

A recent video is available at Videos.

Additionally a mount for our Sony HandyCam was made out of a small tripod.The cameras can be mounted a different positions. 

The roof had to be painted over in black, because the red color did let sun light through.

GoPro HERO 2

Sony Handycam


The German magazine Rad & Kette printed an article about our CameraBully in issue 1/2014. It's in German language.

The article can be downloaded as PDF file, with friendly permission by the magazine. Just click on the picture for downloading.

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