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PistenBully 600 Polar

by Fabian Tuertscher

This PB600 was worldwide the first true scale model of a PB600. It was built by Albert for his nephew Fabian using the new vacuum molded parts. The first run was on March 27th, 2007.

April 2008: PB600 Polar of Fabian (front) and Albert (back). The models are still in an early stage. A rare picture, as both models are now separated by 8000 km. 

The assembly was quite interesting, because everything was done for the first time: even when one has the idea in his head, the actual assembly is mostly a bit different and sometimes more difficult.

After the model was successfully built and good looking, the company AT modellbau was founded to sell the kit.

Fabian's model was again the test vehicle for the tiller, which was built over Christmas 2007. Albert first tried to solder the aluminum frame with special solder. Although it looked easy when demonstrated at the fair booth, it did not work with different wall thicknesses. Finally the frame was glued with UHU plus endfest 300 and cured in the oven. 

The model is built on the Graupner chassis and was equipped with metal tracks by Kettenkraxler. 

The cockpit and the mirror holders were added at Christmas 2009.

Later the tiller has been motorized based on the experiences of Klaus Bergdolt and the new finishers have been added.  

In early 2019 the front attachment carrier and snow blade were exchanged. 

These were the beginnings of Walser Model Snow Cats. 

Even with a simple finisher corduroy can be produced. 

The first run with the new PB600 was on March 27th,  2007

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